Windows are an important feature of any home. They are crucial for providing our houses with light, warmth, and ventilation. However, if your windows aren’t up to scratch then they can be the reason that your energy bills are sky high during winter. 

It’s not too late to sort out the windows in your home. Take a look at windows Abersoch, decide on a style you like, and then choose the version that is the most energy efficient!

Choosing the Best Window Frame

This is the first thing that you must decide on. Different window frames have different advantages and disadvantages to your property. Wood frames for example, are much better resistant to temperature transfer than aluminium frames. We’re going to go through the different frame materials and consider their energy efficiency. 


In most cases, this is the cheapest option for frames but by no means a bad choice. If the windows are manufactured well and installed correctly they can offer a great energy efficient quality. They have insulated glass and tight construction which reduces leaking air. 


Window frames crafted from timber are the best at insulating your home, but are more effort in their maintenance. This is simply because wood can rot, and the other materials cannot. Their longevity depends on the quality of the wood. 


The big downside to aluminium windows is their easy heat transfer. Compared to the other frames, aluminium is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to energy efficiency. If you really want them, there are other things that can be done to make the situation better, like adding extra insulation. 

Choosing the Best Type of Glass

This can be more important than the frame itself when it comes to energy efficiency. We have different types of windows, but it’s also important to look at their different ratings. 


This measures how resistant to losing heat the window unit actually is. 

Solar heat gain coefficient

This measures how much heat can escape through the glass. 

You want to look out for the lowest possible number if you are looking for maximum energy efficiency. Many people choose double glazed, low-e, argon filled windows as it provides the best insulation. They provide protection against heat and UV rays during the hot summer months, and insulate the home during the winter. 

Windows for Energy Efficiency
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Windows for Energy Efficiency
Windows are an important feature of any home. They are crucial for providing our houses with light, warmth, and ventilation.
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