Attractions in Abersoch

Considered by the Abersoch surrounding area as the the principle location for a visit, now comes your chance to enjoy this idyllic resort. This collection of the town’s best attractions will serve for the ideal day out.

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Abersoch has a great amount of breathtaking scenery and activities. The reason for the popularity of this magical place is it’s breathtaking visuals and proximity to some of the most amazing sites in the region.

Porth Neigwl (Hell's Mouth)

Wonderful beach. Called "hell's mouth" for all of those craggy headlands that have cliffs descending to the sea, it is said to be like a broad open mouth in the relief of south Llyn.

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Abersoch Main Beach

Abersoch's beach is sandy, with a view of the welsh mountain. There's always the lifeguard service.

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